GLS Quality Control Process

First Control

✓ Weight Measurement  ✓ Identification  ✓ Labelling  ✓  Visual Control 

First of all, every unique peat pallet that Bahceturk sells enters into our station in our logistic centre in order to pass quality control process. Pallets entered to our station have to prove themselves in order to meet GLS Quality Control Requirements. In this context, first step is to measure and save weights of pallets. Then, pallets are stret-ched, numbered and labeled. In this way, we are able to trace quality control and shipment process of all pallets.

Detailed Controls

✓ Volume Analysis ✓ Fraction Analysis ✓ pH ✓ Humidity ✓ Water Holding Capacity ✓ Water Uptake Speed ✓ Organic, Inorganic Matter Determination ✓ Dry Volume Weight ✓ Lime


We conduct eleven different parameters like volume and fraction analyses, pH, humidity, water holding capacity, water uptake speed, organic and inorganic matter, dry density and lime with the latest technological and professional equipments order to test their compliance with GLS Quality Control Standards. An analyses report is issued by Quality & Control Department for every shipment after controls. It is able to reach issued analyses reports any time from and from QR codes on pallet labels. Analyses reports are also send to customers via SMS after dispatch from our warehouse.



✓ Certificate of Analysis ✓ Result Evaluation ✓ Approval

Approval process of products start after finalizing of quality control steps. Quality Control Manager examines the analyze results and approves allows the dispatch of products in case everything is appropriate. Witness samples of products are stored six months in company archive. Thus, we are able to reanalyze the products in the line with customers requests. Additionally, it is also possible to send witness samples to third party laboratory.