Our Quality Policy

This policy has been issued by GLSGRUP Tarım Anonim Şirketi to provide all of their customers with satisfactory products and services, to ensure their customers to be satisfied of their products and services in every aspect and to increase their ongoing loyalty.

GLSGRUP Tarım Anonim Şirketi use a quality management system based on the requirements specified in TS EN ISO 9001:2015 as a tool to fulfill their above mentioned commitment, and the said system covers all activities ranging from the initial inquiry of the customer to the product/service receipt, from the use by the customer to the feedback by the customer.

As part of this policy, we conduct official and internal audits and review the documents aiming to achieve continuous customer satisfaction by considering that the international standards, technology and quality are our basic principle for all the business activities we make to monitor that:

The quality management system is complied with and continues to be appropriate and efficient;

A continuous improvement process is applied in all departments to ensure them to use their resources in an efficient way;

All kinds of training and awareness raising efforts which will help us to improve this company are considered important and placed emphasis to increase the quality and satisfaction of the staff.

In order to perform the above mentioned tasks in the best way, Managing Director undertakes on behalf of all of the employees to aim:

To have open communications with the relevant parties;

To provide services by following the current technology and trends closely and by ensuring our quality to comply with the applicable national and international standards and laws;

To be a leading and exemplary player in this industry by improving our integrated system continuously and by believing the necessity of unconditional customer satisfaction thanks to our well trained staff.

GLSGRUP Tarım Anonim Şirketi undertake after making these assessments to take all necessary precautions, to fulfill the requirements of the Quality Management System Standard, and to improve its efficiency in a continuous way.

Managing Director
Ahmet Gülsun